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Wildfire and Beetle Prevention

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The most important thing homeowners and communities can do are thin forests to reduce flammable fuels and to save them from insects.

Thinned forests are more resilient, have more moisture and nutrients available to fend off beetles, and are more fire-worthy.  We help you plan and implement projects to help you survive the fires next time.


Mountain Pine Beetle and Forest Pest Mitigation

The mountain pine beetle epidemic is causing great concern across the West.  California just declared a mountain pine beetle emergency.  The attack in the central Rocky Mountains just entered its 20th year.  In the past decade, some 500,000 acres of pine forest have been attacked in the Black Hills, and over 50 million acres are affected across the West.  Masses of tiny, rice-sized beetles burrow into larger pine trees and a year later the conspicuous, red-needled trees really get our attention.  Like a slow-moving wildfire, these native insects are marching across the Black Hills creating public safety hazards, more dead fuel to feed a wildfire, and unwelcome changes in scenery.

We are recognized experts in mountain pine beetle, Ips engraver beetle, and other bark boring beetles, forest pathogens and forest diseases. We help you identify, mitigate, and recover from bark beetle attacks and other forest insects and pathogens and maintain a healthy productive forest environment.

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