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About Professional Forest Management

PFMc is among the top forestry and rangeland consultants in the Western United States. Since 2007, our team has helped more than 600 clients with wildfire mitigation, prevention, suppression, and litigation, mountain pine beetle mitigation & prevention, tree thinning, slash disposal, and applied forestry and grasslands management. We are also on the South Dakota Register of Private Professional Foresters directory under the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

South Dakota Register of Private Professional Foresters
Surveying Wildfire DamageSurveying Wildfire Damage

How We Do This

  • Advising private and public landowners and organizations including homeowners, railroad and power companies, attorneys for the defense and for the plaintiff, and academic and agency clients.
  • Consulting as expert witnesses in wildfire damage claims and in natural resources tort claims, on private land management issues, and in political issues management.
  • Providing project management for complex fire issues including liability, appropriate fire suppression and management responses, and complex fire effects and impacts.
  • Helping clients thin trees and manage their forests using highly-trained professionals and technicians who reduce fuels, protect trees, and fire-proof communities.
  • Analyzing falling hazard trees and capturing value from trees you love but may lose for a variety of reasons.

The Crew

Frank Carroll

Managing Partner
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Van Elsbernd

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Hamp McRae

Tropical Forestry Expert
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Joe Reddan

California Registered Professional Forester (RPF)
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Cassidy Storey

Executive Assistant
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Grant Ingraham

GIS / Remote Sensing
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