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Published: June 21, 2022

Letter to USFS Chief Moore

Written by: Frank Carroll

 Dear Chief Moore: 

Sadly, it is now clear that you have no intention of “pausing” the prescribed fire program. You have merely informed your troops to continue the most vigorous prescribed wildfires and to use wildfire to burn hundreds of thousands of acres in New Mexico, a curious move considering New Mexico Governor Grisham is apoplectic already, in a towering rage would not be overstatement. 

We are informing her staff of the following facts concerning the Black Fire on the Gila National Forest: 

The Fire Team on the Black Fire on the Gila National Forest is planning to light a huge Big Box firing operation as early as tonight. They will burn everything southwest to Highway 35 and south to Highway 152. They are setting sprinkler systems and folda tanks at homes in Kingston, NM today. It’s a slap in the face for the Governor’s stated policy that there would be no more prescribed fires in New Mexico. The Black Fire is one huge prescribed fire. The only reason any of the big fires are growing is because the FS is lighting them to make them bigger to meet aspirational natural resource objectives. 

Given the circumstances, you should rightly steel yourself for the coming firestorm of your own making. You either mean what you say or you don’t. 

This map is in real time, today, at this very hour. They have already begun firing operations from the air on a line south on Highway 35 to Mimbres, San Lorenzo, and then down Highway 152 to Kingston, NM. The size of this prescribed wildfire is astonishing, as much as 200,000 acres. It’s too late to stop most of it. Fortunately, it is evidence of your perfidy. You’ll hear about this a very long time. 

Chief Moore, science is informative, not directive. You are making a huge mistake and maybe that’s OK. See you in the court of public opinion and probably in court as the government continues to spend millions to defend against rightful claims of private property you devastate and continue to devastate this summer. You willfully violate the Tucker Act as you’re about to do tonight in New Mexico, and you have no authority to help anyone recover. These fires are not driven by climate change. They are driven by your burners. Stop it. 

The new Smokey Bear is threatening, unpredictable, violent, silent, deaf, and blind. 

The New Mexico Governor is ready to call out the National Guard to stop you from lighting fires. 

I don’t know how long you can keep up this pretense but it’s time to tell everyone what you’re actually doing. I have suggested you pause everything and engage the public in building informed consent for your premeditated burning. It would take three years and really help you in the next decade. 

Good luck and you better get your talking points together tonight. 


Frank Carroll 

Managing Partner 

PFMc Wildfire Pros 

1294 S. Skyline Ct. 

Pueblo, CO 81007 

[email protected] 


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