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Published: November 17, 2023

What Is Citrotech? An Introduction to the Industry-Leading Fire Suppression Tool

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When it comes to fighting wildfire effectively, appropriate tools are a firefighter’s best friend. And no, we’re not talking about the age-old “shovel versus pulaski” debate, or even what brand of gear opted for–we’re talking about the suppression tools themselves. In the ongoing fight against wildfires, especially with climate challenges, it becomes all the more important to research and apply industry-leading tools to give us every advantage over the destructive force of fire, save property, and even save lives. Enter the latest development in fire suppression tactics: Citrotech. This innovative fire suppression tool is taking the fire community by storm and offering a natural, resource-preserving solution to fighting fire–even in MIST (Minimum Impact Suppression Techniques) situations. So, how can Citrotech protect your property?

What Is Citrotech?

Citrotech is a naturally-derived chemical suppression tool that uses around 90% less water than traditional suppression tactics. This chemical can proactively be applied to structures and fuels, creating a thin, protective film around the material that prevents ignition from occurring in the first place (from Mighty Fire Breaker). This biochemical is naturally derived from citrus oils (thus the name) and coats fuels in a layer of crystallized potassium salt–preventing ignition and flame development. Citrotech provides peace of mind for firefighters at the frontlines of property conservation as a powerful aid used to preserve both structures or property as well as firefighter safety. Rest assured that those on your team can employ the safest tactics possible so you bring home each member of your fire family safe and in one piece–while offering the maximum protection for property conservation efforts.

Benefits of Citrotech

The innovation of this new suppression tool comes with a number of benefits to the firefighter, potentially saving lives, property, and ecosystems at the same time. Citrotech offers a solution to common fire suppression issues–such as sustainable sourcing and availability, eco-friendly solutions, and water conservation efforts. Let’s go over some of the key benefits of incorporating Citrotech into fire suppression tactics.

Made from Natural Ingredients

Citrotech is a biochemical sourced from citrus that creates a natural fire barrier that is also biodegradable. The proprietary recipe for Citrotech utilizes fewer harmful chemicals than other suppression materials, such as fire retardant dropped from planes, which often contain a laundry list of ingredients and also vary in terms of effectiveness (via L.A. Times). Additionally, aquatic and mammalian life is not negatively affected by Citrotech, from ingesting to contact.

Saves Water

Citrotech allows firefighters to use around 90% less water than traditional suppression tactics–even with water additives like foam (via Mighty Fire Breaker). Water is not only an invaluable resource for firefighters, but requires a fair amount of risk and time to set up–from hoselays to pumps to refilling from tenders or natural water sources. That is not to say water is no longer necessary when using Citrotech–but it can minimize the time spent navigating dangerous, smoky roads in order to refill a tank. Water is also a critical natural resource that is not always abundant in an area prone to wildfires–making it a precious commodity that should not be taken for granted.

Can Easily Be Incorporated Into Current Suppression Tactics

Ever heard of installing sprinkler systems to preserve property? We thought so. Fortunately, Citrotech can easily be added to sprinkler systems for maximum proactive fire engagement. Portable and in the form of a liquid, there is no reason why Citrotech could not even be incorporated into hose lays like old school foam–or even into bucket drops from air support. Because it is a liquid base, it can easily be added to water to pre-wet fuels, forming its coating over the material on contact and eliminating the need to saturate the fuel load with water. 

Effective and Sustainable 

When it comes to selecting a fire suppression tactic, too often firefighters are faced with choosing between effectiveness and eco-friendliness of tactics. Citrotech eliminates the need to choose between these two options, offering strength of strategy where there would otherwise need to be analysis and pivoting of tactics. This allows firefighters spend less time worrying about the environmental impact of their strategy and more time thinking about implementing that strategy. This allows the firefighter to get down to business, saving precious time and mental energy and offering confidence and decisiveness as a result. 

Many Applications

When you’re tasked with defending a space–whether private property or state or federal land–Citrotech can help with almost any situation. If you opt to prep and leave an area, stay and defend, or implement MIST tactics, Citrotech is a trusted companion for firefighters looking for ways to elevate their game, improve their results, and keep their company (and their families) safe. 

Why Citrotech Is the Future for Wildfire

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It’s no secret that aerial retardant dumps look awesome–but do they actually work? Some groups think that fire retardant drops cause environmental concerns (via AP News) while others believe the drops are costly and ineffective. Either way, this steadfast tool in the firefighter’s arsenal clearly has its fans–as well as its controversies. Can you imagine spending thousands of tax payer dollars on an allegedly ineffective suppression technique that likely pollutes streams and rivers at the same time? 

This is where Citrotech steps in; as a sustainable, naturally-sourced alternative to the fertilizers and retardants added to the infamous red slurry, this Mighty Fire Breaker is innovating in the world of fire suppression in ways we have not seen for decades. Not only does Citrotech reduce fire ignition and flame development, but it also reduces the amount of smoke created as well–creating an all-around safer environment for the boots on the ground. Less smoke means cleaner air, safer travel to and from the scene of the incident, and clearer sky space for pilots. 

What’s more, Citrotech is committed to adhering to the U.S. Clean Water Act, reducing the noise from climate activists all while using a significant percentage less water than traditional suppression tactics. Fighting fire more effectively not only protects our historic and natural resources, but also prevents sequestered carbon from being released into the atmosphere, furthering the narrative of climate change. 

At Professional Forest Management, LLC, we holistically understand the risks associated with wildfire–from legal issues to fire suppression tactics to concerns regarding loss of property. Let us answer your burning questions today so you can effectively prepare for tomorrow’s unknowns. Call to explore your options and receive a consultation with a Wildfire Pro–and rest assured our team has got your six!

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Frank Carroll's Comments on Mighty Fire Breaker:

Frank Carroll: A man who has spent over 40 years in Wildfire Management backs Mighty Fire Breaker’s Citrotech, saying, “I’ve waited 50 years to discover something that can truly save homes and properties. When I first saw Steve Conboy’s MFB CitroTech posts on social media, I was very Interested and very skeptical. I’ve searched for decades for an alternative way to help people save their homes and properties from inevitable wildfires. CitroTech gives homeowners who haven’t taken wildfire mitigation action in advance the chance to save their homes. I’m tired of sifting through the ashes of people’s broken lives and wishing they had some way to protect themselves. CitroTech is a virtually foolproof way to spray a complete wildfire defense and forget about it. It’s safe for pets and kids and won’t harm fish or fowl. CitroTech is the breakthrough product people all over wildfire country have been waiting and praying for. It’s here. Get set up for success and have peace of mind this summer.

Set up CitroTech systems, spray it, and forget it. Wet or dry, CitroTech will save your day and many more to come.”

For more on Frank Carroll, click here.

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